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I am Kadek Mekel (Michael), founder of ' TRUE BALI TOURS', I was born and raised in Bali with intimate local knowledge of our magical island. I have nearly 10 years of experience in tours as a private driver and activity organizer. We have a team of drivers who speak excellent English. Whether you want to spend time scuba diving , white water rafting , enjoying our unique culture, visiting our thousands of temples, staring in awe at our amazing rice terraces, volcano trekking, getting your fortune read or living your own version of ' Eat, Pray, Love ', we will make sure you do everything on your 'must see' list and much more . you are only limited by time. Our company's philosophy is simple: value, costumers ALWAYS come first, and quality of tours. Our top priorities are being reliable , honest, trustworthy, friendly , safe and fun. Safety- we have never had an accident in our company's 10 years history. Value- we offer you the best price online, if you find a better deal, tell us , we'll beat it. Friendly - everyone in Bali is friendly, we love our tourists. but we'll go an extra step and make you part of our growing family. We prosper on referrals and word of mouth. when you tell your friends about True Bali tours or better, come back yourselves, we want to be the first thought in your mind when planning your dream vacation.

Reliability- it's a bit scary coming to a foreign country for the first time. we'll be there at the airport to meet you, find your perfect hotel, take you on as much adventure as you can handle and send you off again when it's time to go home, with sadness, but hope that you will return soon, and often. Quality- we use new vehicles that are regularly serviced, contract with the best tours operators and show you some of the best places to eat on our island , without breaking your budget. Honestly- we can provide references or check out our rating on Trip Advisor, but most importantly, my wife keeps me in line.